Keith Hopper Consulting

    Bringing Startup Thinking to the Enterprise


    I coach teams of employees, accelerating your most promising new product and service ideas and getting you creating and testing solutions in as little as a week. Together, we quickly resolve critical questions and get to key insights, using a collaborative method of innovation and iteration crafted through my work with over 80 startups and refined in the enterprise.




    Answer the questions that get you focused on the most promising solutions. Use evidence from customers to identify key features and avoid investing in unproven business directions.




    Avoid getting stuck in internal debate or fruitlessly chasing the next 'cool' idea. Develop and validate solutions in as little as one week, leapfrogging traditional, costly, high-risk approaches.




    Arm your people with modern product thinking by engaging teams directly in performing the best practices, providing a learning experience that will transform the way you work and instill mindsets to succeed.


    "Keith has an uncanny ability to bring out the great product potential in our own diverse team. Unlike other consultants who just speak a good game, Keith rolled up his sleeves and taught our staff to generate, test, and develop their own powerful product ideas. We were quickly hooked on a better way of working, and we continue to iterate and succeed on product efforts we'd never have been able to approach before."


    - Jonathan Wells, Managing Publisher

    The Christian Science Monitor




    "Keith’s help transformed our company and the way we work. He felt like part of the team, bringing his unique perspective and expertise in the methods for creating successful products. It’s been over a year since we first engaged Keith and we’re still seeing huge benefits from our work together."


    - Kit Will, VP of Product

    Ecovent Systems




    “Because of his support and guidance and the workshops that we did with him, our team got smarter, our processes got better and we know that we have really challenged the core assumptions of our business and conducted experiments to make sure we’re on the right track.”


    - Emily Best, CEO

    Seed & Spark


    Product discovery is challenging, but the right approach can unlock tremendous value in small, efficient steps.

    Opportunity Assessment

    Together, we identify and articulate a key challenge around an existing product, a new product direction or a broader opportunity you see in the market. I then lead your team through a weeklong effort to gather and decipher key knowledge, including creating a comparative-competitive product analysis, conducting and assessing the results from structured user interviews, and identifying alignment with relevant internal business strategy and goals.

    Facilitated Sprints

    Product Discovery Sprints are the perfect tool for a team to rapidly explore, imagine and evaluate a solution approach without having to first build and launch a new product or feature. I facilitate your team through a proven process pulled from the best minds in product design and development. We start with a basic understanding of the problem space and progress through ideation, refinement, prototyping and testing with real users in an accelerated time period - often in as little as one week.


    The results go far beyond informed solution ideas and a targeted prototype. There is power in a shared internal understanding of what works and what doesn’t, so that you can make informed product decisions with real evidence in hand. Equally valuable are the new skills and confidence the team develops from learning and practicing cutting edge product development methods and mindsets.



    Exploring and developing new products is challenging. It involves mitigating risk, managing uncertainties, and successfully navigating demanding corporate stakeholders. I work alongside emerging leaders and new teams, supporting them by introducing the required skills and best practices at the ideal times, encouraging the right mindsets and providing advice and guidance to help succeed in their new internal roles.


    "Keith is one of the best product people in Boston, if not the whole east coast."

    - Richard Banfield, CEO Fresh Tilled Soil

    Keith's experience working with over 80 startups helps him guide corporate teams to think differently, be more agile and create evidence-based product strategies. He is a Co-instructor and Fellow at Harvard Business School, Entrepreneur in Residence at Olin College of Engineering and a cofounder of the innovative philanthropy The Awesome Foundation. He is also a long-time Product Mentor for Techstars Boston, where he was voted Most Valuable Mentor. Previously, he was at National Public Radio where he ran Product for NPR Digital Services.